Adult Bible Studies at St. John's Lafayette

Monday Night Bible Study  CURRENTLY ON HIATUS UNTIL APRIL 9, 2018

The Monday Night Bible Study Group meets Monday evenings at 6:30 PM in the Bishop's Parlor.   The  booklet we are currently studying is called Listening to God, by Carolyn Nystrom.  It is from the LifeGuide series of Bible study books.   We are a low-key group and  take turns leading the discussion.  We don't use a specific version of the Bible. Everyone brings their own and we enjoy comparing and contrasting the different versions. The group likes to focus on ways the Bible is relevant in our lives today.  Randy Brist is the contact person for this group.  We look forward to seeing you at Monday Bible Study in September!

Tuesday Morning Bible Study

Beginning September 13th, Hilary Cooke and Bradley Pace will host a new Tuesday morning Bible Study from 10-11 a.m. in St. John's Commons. This Bible Study will focus on topics of group interest and center on discussion of the chosen texts

For more information, please contact St. John's Episcopal Church by EMAIL or at 765.742.4079.