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Our Faith, Our Future
The 2017 Campaign

Total Proposed Capital Campaign Goal:


The ministries of St. John’s Episcopal Church give voice to our faith. Beautiful liturgy, vibrant sacred music, a longstanding commitment to outreach, and theology grounded in the openness and welcome of Jesus Christ — all are ways that the people of St. John’s express our faith in God’s call.

In 2014, the Vestry began discussing the parish’s capacity to maintain and strengthen the quality of our liturgy and outreach for the future. Early discussions focused on the need to replace our 50 year-old Wicks pipe organ. This prompted conversations about other work that might be done to restore and beautify our historic church, to enhance our ability to be welcoming, and to expand our outreach ministries. The Vestry appointed a steering committee and three task forces to research needs.

The St. John's Campaign
Steering Committee

Mr. Randy Brist
Dr. Margaret McClure
Dr. Heather Johnston Nicholson
The Rev. Dr. Bradley Pace, Rector
Dr. Doug Powell
Mr. Charlie Shook, co-chair
Dr. Cynthia Stauffacher, co-chair
Mr. Ross Watson

As projects came into focus, the steering committee invited the parish to a time of celebration and conversation. We heard repeatedly about the importance of traditional worship and music and service to our neighborhood and beyond. The conversations gave us the confidence that we were on the right track. 

In October 2016, upon the recommendation of the Organ Task Force, the St. John’s Vestry voted unanimously to sign a contract with Quimby Pipe Organs of Warrensburg, Missouri. Over the next 9-12 months, Quimby will build a new pipe organ for St. John’s combining new materials and refurbishing some 80% of our current and stored pipe work. The total cost of the new Quimby organ is $573,514.00. Because of past bequests and early gifts, we have already paid more than one-third of the organ’s final cost ($206,465.00). A capital campaign is now proposed to fund the balance of the new organ’s costs and to accomplish other projects identified during the past several months of parish discussions. Now your voice is needed again. By participating in this feasibility study survey, you will help the leadership of St. John’s identify priorities and our parish’s capacity to support them. 

With hope and anticipation that God will support the people of St. John’s as we pursue our faith and our future.


We are blessed with a beautiful place to worship—a space that helps us encounter God in word and sacrament. The entire architecture of the space is designed and appointed to help us experience the sacred in our worship. These projects will restore our worship space to enliven its sound, enhance its beauty, and make it more architecturally and historically cohesive.

Organ Replacement (paying the balance) $367,049

Replacing the organ is a major undertaking that will secure our music program for another 50-75 years or more. Work is already underway, thanks to bequests and early gifts that have paid nearly one-third of the total cost. The campaign amount is the balance needed to complete the project.

Organ Maintenance Fund $20,000

Establishing an organ maintenance fund will help ensure that our investment in the instrument will
be protected into the future.

Church, Vestibule &  Bell Tower Flooring $106,400

New stone flooring throughout  the nave and chancel will enhance the overall beauty of the church and improve acoustics for the new organ. New flooring in the chancel and a slight reconfiguration to the original design will give our growing choir more space and allow for the installation of a hearing loop system.

Restored Carpentry & Other Improvements $95,100

Paneling will be replaced with matching wainscoting. Other improvements include lighting under the organ decking, cabinetry to store hearing devices and other materials, upgraded electric controls, artwork, and new and restored exterior and interior doors.

Stained-Glass Windows Restoration $3,703

While wall repair and woodwork replacement is underway, it is an ideal time to clean and restore our beautiful stained-glass windows.

Hearing Loop System $18,100

To help those parishioners who use hearing aids, we will install a hearing loop system in the church and in St. John’s Commons.

Water Damage & Bell Tower Restoration $32,000

St. John’s bell tower continues to be an iconic feature of the Lafayette skyline, but the inside of the tower is an eyesore. Cracks and past water damage need to be repaired before the organ can be installed. Leaks and water damage in the bell tower will also be addressed. This will stabilize this corner of the building, make it a beautiful entrance into the church, and allow us to regularly use the 1839 bell to call the community to worship.

Welcoming & Reaching Out

The outreach area of the church building is used more than any other part of our facility. St. John’s serves as a base for outreach ministry, extending even to South America. The projects in this category honor those traditions, and include an important nod to the future.

Refresh Food Pantry/Outreach Area $17,773

With fresh paint, new flooring, and new furniture and cabinetry, St. John’s outreach area can be better organized and transformed to a space that is warm and inviting.

Project with the Anglican Diocese of Brasília $40,000

Our faith and our future can extend beyond our corner of the Kingdom to our Anglican sisters and brothers in the Diocese of Brasilia. It is proposed that St. John’s share 5% of our campaign goal to help the Diocese of Brasilia purchase land and build an after-school soccer program for the 120 boys and girls who attend the Anglican Center in the Pedregal neighborhood near Novo Gama, Brazil.

Parking & Transportation Fund $100,000

In our discussions with parishioners we heard, “Nothing says ‘welcome’ like convenient parking.” The leadership is exploring options, but currently no property is available to purchase or rent. Through this campaign, we will create a $100,000 parking and transportation fund, that will allow the church’s leadership to address our parking concerns whenever an opportunity arises.

The Mission Statement of
St. Johns' Episcopal Church

St. John’s Episcopal Church is a worshiping community called by Christ
to grow spiritually and to nurture that growth in others,
to strive for justice and peace among all people and to respect the dignity of every human being,
to share God’s love and our lives by reaching out to our community,
and to make Christ known through word and action.


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