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The 2018 Annual Giving Campaign: Our Faith, Our Future

Stewardship is first and foremost about responding in gratitude to the gifts God has given us and using those gifts wisely for the building of God’s Kingdom.

Along with a special capital campaign to fund the installation of a new organ and restoration work in the church, St. John’s will also hold our annual giving campaign this fall. While the capital campaign will receive much of the attention and generate much of the excitement, the annual giving campaign is crucial to the life and ministries of St. John’s. These two campaigns focus on different aspects of our church life. The annual campaign supports those ministries today, while the capital campaign provides for those ministries in future. Both campaigns are crucial to the vitality and longevity of those ministries, and their success depends on the prayer and generosity of each one of us.

These campaigns are about much more than raising money. The annual campaign in particular calls each of us to live more fully into St. John’s mission to be a worshiping community sharing God’s love and our lives and making Christ known by proclaiming and living out the Gospel. We are not simply funding next year’s budget; we are providing for the ministries that help us live out that mission. The annual pledge campaign is critical because almost 75% of St. John’s income comes from annual pledges.


The 2018 budget reflects our mission priorities with a focus on worship and music as well as outreach to local and global missions. In our recent feasibility study, several respondents said there should be an on-going budgetary commitment to our companion Diocese in Brasilia. This year’s budget includes $5000 for that purpose as well as on-going commitments to the St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry and other local ministries. Along with the capital campaign improvements to the church’s interior, the 2018 annual budget includes funds to replace the church roof and continue maintaining our church building.

Stewardship is first and foremost about responding in gratitude to the gifts God has given us and using those gifts wisely for the building of God’s Kingdom. We ask that you remember in your prayers those of generations past whose faithful generosity laid the foundation for this worshiping community. We ask that you continue to pray for the ministries of St. John’s today that through them we may faithfully share the good news of Jesus Christ. And we ask that you also dream with us about those generations yet to come, who will continue to worship, share God’s love, and make Christ known here in this community. As you pray and dream, consider making a commitment to this year’s annual campaign as part of your gratitude for the gifts God has given us and the future God has in store. No gift is insignificant; each gift matters. Each gift is a response and an investment in St. John’s mission and ministries.

In order to finalize next year’s budget in a responsible way, we ask that all pledges be in by Sunday, November 19th. You can return the pledge card for annual giving along with the capital campaign pledge card in the envelope provided, or you can make your annual stewardship pledge online.

Pledge online

As always, if you have any questions about this year’s campaign, about the annual budget, or about the mission and ministry of St. John’s, please contact Cynthia Stauffacher of the Stewardship Committee or our Rector Bradley Pace.

Thank you for your commitment to St. John’s. May God continue to bless us and generations yet to come through our ministry together.

The Stewardship Committee of St. John’s Episcopal Church