Serving in Worship at St. John's Lafayette

Liturgy is literally the work of the people (from the Greek word λειτουργία, or leitourgia).  It is that activity in which all the people (not just the clergy and a select few others) have a part. This understanding is fundamental to the worship of the ancient church and is being recovered in our time.  

If you already serve in one of our worship ministries, please click below to access our online scheduling program.

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Then I will go to the altar of God, to God my exceeding joy; and I will praise you with the harp, O God, my God.
— Psalm 43:4

If you would like to serve in worship, consider one or more of these ministries:

  1. As and Acolyte (server at the altar) – Acolytes light and extinguish the candles, carry the cross during processions, assist in receiving the gifts and preparing the table for the Eucharist, and in other ways to ensure that services run smoothly. An acolyte must be at least 9 years old and mature enough to be comfortable apart from parents during the service.  For more information about serving as an Acolyte, contact George Moore.
  2. As an Altar Guild Member – The Altar Guild assists by caring for the vessels, vestments, linens and candles of our worship. Members serve once every four weeks, and cover Sunday and weekday Eucharists and any funerals or weddings in their week. Periodic social gatherings are scheduled during the program year.  For more information about serving on the altar guild, contact Bradley Pace.  
  3. As a Member of the Choir – The choirs provide the primary musical leadership for the Sunday and other special services. Ours are volunteer choirs, and anyone with an interest in singing is welcome to give it a try. You must attend rehearsals to sing on Sundays, and the rehearsals are on Thursdays from 7:15 – 9:00 pm and on Sundays at 9:15 am. (See also the separate brochure on Music at St. John’s.)
  4. As a Lector (a reader of Scripture) – The only qualification for this ministry is that you are comfortable in reading in front of a crowd! Lectors are scheduled at all services throughout the year and, yes, we give you the readings in advance. A member of the congregation is available to give some pointers on reading and speaking in public – speak with one of the clergy if you think this would help you.  For more information about serving as a Lector or Lay Eucharistic Minister, contact Bradley Pace.  
  5. As a Lay Eucharistic Minister – These persons are selected by the clergy and licensed by the bishop to assist in the distribution of the Holy Eucharist, and receive specific training for this ministry. Persons called to this ministry must be active members of the congregation and willing to assist at services other than on Sunday morning (e.g. special Christmas or Holy Week services or occasionally a funeral). In addition to assisting in communion, LEMs also lead the Prayers of the People and on occasion take other roles in the liturgy under the direction of the rector.  For more information about serving as a Lector or Lay Eucharistic Minister, contact Bradley Pace.    
  6. As an Oblationer – These persons assist in presenting the bread, wine, money and in-kind gifts of the congregation at the Offertory of the Eucharist of the later service. This is an easy activity for families to do together.  For more information about serving as an oblationer, contact Bradley Pace.  
  7. As an Usher – Ushers provide welcome and hospitality. They greet people at the door, offer the service bulletin and answer any questions visitors may have. They help find seats when the church is crowded, oversee the collection and presentation of the congregation’s offering, and move people forward in an efficient manner at the time of communion. Then they help to straighten the pews and book racks following the service. Ushers who are able will often help at weekday funerals.  For more information about serving as an Usher, contact Ray Polstra.

If you would like more information about other ways to serve in the liturgy, contact Bradley Pace at 765.742.4079 or by EMAIL.

For more information, please contact St. John's Episcopal Church at 765.742.4079 or by EMAIL.